The Company

A little about enerclic

We currently have a team of 30 engineers specialized in energy metering, SCADA Web solutions, microelectronics design, advanced monitoring center and more than 15 years of experience in the energy sector.

Enerclic origin


It started under the Monsol brand, one of the oldest companies in Europe in the renewable energy sector.


We implement hardware solutions in electric generation by means of power regulation in inverters and sending to REE the instantaneous power (TTR) with the service of a control center approved by REE.


We created the company Energy CcM, a manufacturer of electrical measurement electronics. 2020 The share capital was increased with new partners to face future challenges and internationalization of the business. It includes 7 companies in the energy sector with offices and delegations throughout Spain, a workforce of more than 250 employees and common goals and interests. enerclic is born.


Two new brands have emerged from enerclic:

Manufacturer of measurement and communications equipment
Technological company of scada, measurement and IoT solutions.